The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Unique content

Contents, Contents, Contents.Isn’t the whole web running around Content writing. And the answer is yes.And here goes the ultimate cheat sheet on writing unique contents.

The World wide web is helpless without contents.Thus content is known as the King.Is it difficult to write a content. No,not at all.

Brain Storming

Before writing a content on a particular topic we should have some knowledge about the topic. And the door for knowledge is open for us all the time via google. Do some brainstorming session before writing.Collect all the points and make a rough draft of it.



Rough Draft:

Prepare a rough draft with the points collected and make sure that none of the points are omitted.Then Focus on highlighting the points which has more priority.Never take a rough draft for granted. It can also be used for further references.

Final Draft:

With the base of above steps, we can make a final copy easily. Focus on the structure of the content.The  Flow of the contents helps the readers stick towards it.Writing the points in your own English is the easier way to make unique contents. While reading a content people will always look for a content that is easily readable and understandable. Prefer

Simple words with simple meanings:

Writing a complicated article will not make the article look unique. Simple words have great meaning and can add more advantage to your content. It makes the readers have an impact on it.Be simple and be a sample.


There are many attributes like an image, a video, a sound file can make your content unique. Design an appropriate image that suits your content and place it in such a way that it is not disturbing your article.

This is the way I do follow while writing contents. Hope it benefits you too.

Happy writing.




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